Marketing Services for Real Estate

Having a successful marketing strategy is essential.
Successfully marketing real estate today is much different than the popular marketing techniques used 5 to 10 years ago. Today, a successful real estate marketing strategy requires constant monitoring of trends and techniques that support delivering property information to as many potential buyers as possible. Statistics by the National Association of Realtors have concluded that an astonishing 84% of buyers begin their research for property on the Internet.

Various Marketing and their Impact On The Opportunity To Sell

The Internet provides the largest audience of potential buyers for real estate.
The Internet has become the mainstream place where home buyers shop for Real Estate. Buyers can shop homes of a certain geographical location from anywhere they have an Internet connection. Other reasons are the vast amount of up-to-date information where buyers can often learn much more about the home, the community, schools, all in the same place. Over 100,000,000 buyers view homes online per month.

Online Virtual Tours
The virtual tour is an Internet tool which brings the home tour to the buyer's computer screen. This is significant for allowing buyers the best method of touring homes without actually visiting them. A virtual tour can actually assist in making the seller's home more inviting for a buyer's consideration while shopping homes from a distant location or those who find it difficult to have time to tour homes live and use this to narrow which homes are to be considered. Internet advertisements with virtual tours get more buyer views than those without virtual tours.

Open Houses and Brokers Opens
One way to share your home with potential buyers and other Realtors working with buyers is hosting an open house and brokers open. An open house is usually publicized along with the posting of signs directing potential buyers to the seller's home for a grand tour. A brokers open is a special event for Realtors to visit and tour the home which is shared with buyers they may be working with. These marketing techniques are not the most proven marketing services, however each raises the opportunity of selling.

Yard Sign, Riders, Flyers, and More...
Placing a yard sign informing drive by buyers that your home is for sale is extremely valuable. It is very common for buyers to drive neighborhoods to determine if the community is suitable and to see which homes are currently for sale. If a seller does not have a yard sign, their home goes unnoticed to drive by buyers.

With the use of a yard sign as a marketing tool for buyers, Realtors often add to the opportunity with the use of rider signs that describe features and incentives to buyers. Realtors also can place flyers or use other marketing tools to give buyers information, such as a personal 1-800 pre-recorded message service that will describe the home's best features while capturing the buyers caller id information. This allows the seller's Realtor to communicate one-on-one with hot buyers to further assist with trying to get the home sold.

Print Advertising
Print advertising is one of the oldest real estate marketing techniques that accounts for attracting only about 3% of the buyers shopping for homes. Ads typically only reach a local buyer audience and placed in local newspapers and magazines dedicated to real estate. This type of marketing has other limitations, such as less photography, less description, maximum number of publications available to buyers in the marketplace.

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