Alvin Klasi


Alvin was born and raised in Clinton, Iowa. After college, Alvin held a successful career as a Locomotive Engineer. After years in the midwest, Alvin decided to make a move to the sunshine state to open up his own dog bakery making bones, biscuits and chews. If you bought gourmet biscuits in 2005 to 2009 it was probably from him. 2005 is also the year Alvin began his real estate career. Alvin's extensive real estate career spans more than 10 years. His high-energy and outgoing personality makes for an exciting, yet successful sale! Whether buying or selling real estate, Alvin makes sure all of his clients are treated fairly and with confidence by him. You will find Alvin to be very humble and kind. His favorite part of life, is the good feeling he gets when helping others. If you're looking for a trusted real estate advisor that is truly in it for you, contact Alvin today. You can guarantee a positive and fun transaction supported with knowledge and experience from Alvin. Fun Facts about Alvin: Favorite local place to relax, unwind, or de-stress? Clearwater Beach. Favorite local Hotspot and why? Whiskey River, best food best service. Favorite place to travel to? My home town of Clinton, Iowa. Favorite hobby's? Boating, Bowling, Golfing and working out.

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